Grey moon oscillate on the epicentre of my majestic beauty
Let my silhouetted shadow pose for my flashing purity
Black ash I am your composer, your undying scarlet flame
Picture of innocence I am your quality ruby frame

On my head I carry a moulded claypot of emerald dreams
I refill in the lake of hope and it’s slender bermuda streams
I am a warrior with a crimson flaming heart of success desire
Flourished with fountains of turquoise courage and furious fire

I am the woman, the great Egyptian golden pyramid
Pharaohs and beauties, for rest are brought amid
I am the rich sandy islands, treasures are buried in my core
Coral prosperity is found in the currents of my soul

I can construct a kingdom which architects can’t think about
I can trigger waves , which the dancing seabed can’t rise
I can compose saffron words the parrot can’t shout
I can perform wonders any human cannot criticize
For I am the woman and the ability is in my hands


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