Woes Of Third World Countries — Poem By Brenda Martha


Stifling in debts;
Barely filling the stomach –
The greed of the few in our generations,
Becomes the suffering of the majority.

What will it be like
For the future generations?

Unconsciousness of the environment —
Litter-decorated streets —
The ease of letting go of the paper;
Rivers clogged with plastics,
Aqua life destroyed by the ignorance of the majority!

Lung cancer becomes a common commodity,
All thanks to the
Polluted air served a dose at a time,
With fresh air becoming just a memory.

Extinction now gleefully parade
Lands once praised for a wildlife –
High solar intensity!
High rate of lumbering!
Degradation of land!

Is recovery possible?
Or waste still will we leave
To generations of the bleak future?…



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