This article contains Whyke Voices – writers that have being signed into the label.

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Whyke Voices


Sanusi Emmanuel Is One Of Whyke Voice
Sanusi Emmanuel

“I am Emmanuel” as fondly called, who also calls himself “The Poet From The Other Side” is a young African page and oral poet, writer, essayist, actor and a spoken words artist who preaches his gospel to primarily Africans to embrace their colour and be proud of their nature, Black. A Nigerian by Nationality.


Hadijat a Nigerian. Currently a law student at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. She is member of the Magna Curia Chambers and Navigator Communication Agency. Hadijat is a liberal optimist, leaving a margin for realism. Started off into the world of literature 10 years ago. Specialized in article writing, poetry, plays (specifically on centuries before the 1900’s), fictions and non fictions with the pen name, (K)Hadijat.


Jeremy Karn is one of Whyke Voices
Jeremy Karn

Karn is a Liberian and second year university student who started writing poetry 3 years ago. He’s participated in several local poetry competitions amongst which is the Smile Liberia’s poetry competition-2016. He writes basically about his African experiences.


Bill Ivans Gbafore is one of Whyke Voices
Bill Ivans Gbafore

Known as; “a warrior of words”, Bill Ivans Gbafore is a young Liberian poet who harness the power of words and tame the might of metaphors; he blend strong imagery with highly elaborate conceits and write on eminent themes of love, death, and religious faith which are of the conceptual truth. Going beyond bounds, his works present the society, humanity, feminism, and all sorts as overarching themes.


Solomon Temitope is one of Whyke Voices
Solomon Temitope

Temitope Solomon is a Nigerian, and currently an undergraduate of University Of Lagos, Nigeria. He believes in the power of the pen to integrate the society and the position of the future. Temitope is a lover and political analyst, and sometimes writes poetry too. He is the most recently signed writer amongst Whyke Voices.