Meet Our Voices

Below are Signed Voices of Whyke Anthology.

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“I am Emmanuel” as fondly called, who also calls himself “The Poet From The Other Side” is a young African page and oral poet, writer, essayist, actor and a spoken words artist who preaches his gospel to primarily Africans to embrace their colour and be proud of their nature, Black. A Nigerian by Nationality.


Simbiat Abiola Hamzat who prefers to be called Simbiat, is a writer, a poet and a lover of broadcast in general. She is also an activist for peace and love amongst students. She is a strong upholder of feminism and her utmost dream is to see a woman lead her country, Nigeria in the nearest future. Nigerian by Nationality.


Akinbola Hadijat a Nigerian. Currently a law student at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University. She is member of the Magna Curia Chambers and Navigator Communication Agency. Hadijat is a liberal optimist, leaving a margin for realism. Started off into the world of literature 10 years ago. Specialized in article writing, poetry, plays (specifically on centuries before the 1900’s), fictions and non fictions with the pen name, (K)Hadijat.


Ohiafi Christopher is a Nigerian by Nationality from Edo State precisely. At present, he’s a student of Abraham Adesanya College of Education of and Offering a Combination of Political Science and Social Studies. Christopher sings, draw and write. Specialized on writing poems and Short Essays. He is Currently a member of THE DEMOCRATIC FORUM AOCOED CHAPTER.


Akuvi is a Ghanaian budding writer, blogger and spoken word artiste who seeks to communicate her thoughts and ideas with the world through writing poems articles and sometimes prose. She’s currently a student of Catholic Institute of Business and technology.


Jay njirimanh is a social conscious Kenyan poet whose poems mirrors the society. Started writing some eight (8) years ago and to him, poetry is a shaft of light that transforms the society positively.


KHULEKANI NDLOVU is a 16 year old poet who lives in Zimbabwe. Started writing in the early shores of 2017 and has so far, been featured in 3 anthologies. The belief that people sometimes fail to understand what others feel and her undying urge to express herself spurred her towards poetry. She enjoys being called, POETKHU.


Osunlola Ayotomide is a Nigerian by nationality. A freelance writer & poet. Started poetry since 2015. Presently an undergraduate of University of Ibadan where she is studying library archival and information’s studies. Her pride in being a woman and seeing the plight daily undergone by women births are inspirations. Her pen bears; HeyWhy.


Brenda’s participation in the recent poetry contest organized by Whyke Anthology in which she displayed much dexterity in her use of words, although wasn’t crowned the winner, led her to being given the honor of becoming a voice of Whyke Anthology. She is Kenyan by birth and currently a student at Kisii University-Kenya. Her love for words started at an early age as her parents provided her books. She got intrigued by how easy it became to express herself through words. Her first writing was done when she was in form 3 and since then her pen has never run out of ink.


Ogundeji Theophilus with the pen name Afrophilus is a Nigerian who started writing since childhood, but ventured fully into professional poetry in 2016. Draws inspiration from anything, but most especially from love. Afrophilus means “Africa’s lover”.


Jeremy Teddy Karn is a Liberian and second year university student who started writing poetry 3 years ago. He’s participated in several local poetry competitions amongst which is the Smile Liberia’s poetry competition-2016. He writes basically about his African experiences.


Obella Stephen is a Ugandan poet, onstage poetry performer, motivational speaker, teacher of Literature and a novelist born in Amuria district, Teso region. His nib has penned down various forms of literary oeuvre including already sung lyrics, an unpublished novel, and thousands of poems. His poems have been published in various Anthologies, Newspapers, and Magazines within Uganda, India, Trinidad, Germany, Philistine and United States Of America. Thus, he believes that the nib of the pen knows both known and unknown words that the tongue of the universe has/have not spoken and discovered since the pen is not only a telepathic weapon, but also a clairvoyant eye. Obella started writing out of the emotional turmoil he went through as a child after his beloved father was poisoned to death for his perfoming skills, and his poor mother died in the village hut due to lack of proper medication that she could not afford to raise.


Bill Ivans Gbafore – “a warrior of words”, is a young Liberian poet who harness the power of words and tame the might of metaphors; he blend strong imagery with highly elaborate conceits and write on eminent themes of love, death, and religious faith which are of the conceptual truth. Going beyond bounds, his works present the society, humanity, feminism, and all sorts as overarching themes.


Solomon Temitope is a Nigerian, and currently an undergraduate of University Of Lagos, Nigeria. He believes in the power of the pen to integrate the society and the position of the future. Temitope is a lover and analyst of politics and sometimes writes poetry.

• Regnard Bishoza

Regnard Bishoza is a Tanzanian upcoming male poet born in a small village of Mukabuye in Kigoma Region of Tanzania. He was educated in Kigoma Region (Secondary School Education and High School) and later in 2013 he joined University Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam pursuing Bachelor of Arts with Education specializing in Literature and Linguistics.

Regnard started writing poetry in 2015, and has so far participated in a number of global poetry contests including the 2017 Best Poet and Writer of the world honouring the independence commemoration of Kazakhstan and he was awarded with an International Diploma. He is a poet for Negritude and Humanity at large seeking to advance his career for humanity welfare.

Some of his poetic works have been published by International Publishers including the Molly Publishing Company for black writers in Diaspora. His goal to achieve in future is raising his voice worldwide for black welfare and humanity at large.