Whyke Anthology Signs Regnard Bishoza

Regnard Bishoza is a Tanzanian upcoming male poet born in a small village of Mukabuye in Kigoma Region of Tanzania. He was educated in Kigoma Region (Secondary School Education and High School) and later in 2013 he joined University Studies at the University of Dar es Salaam pursuing Bachelor of Arts with Education specializing in Literature and Linguistics.

Regnard started writing poetry in 2015, and has so far participated in a number of global poetry contests including the 2017 Best Poet and Writer of the world honouring the independence commemoration of Kazakhstan and he was awarded with an International Diploma. He is a poet for Negritude and Humanity at large seeking to advance his career for humanity welfare.

Some of his poetic works have been published by International Publishers including the Molly Publishing Company for black writers in Diaspora. His goal to achieve in future is raising his voice worldwide for black welfare and humanity at large.

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