I was in love with poetry so I planted a poe-try in my garden. This tree I nurtured Alone from infant to its mature stage, living all alone in my garden without a counterpart, I loved my poe-try.

All of a sudden I noticed another tree beside my poe-try contending with the tree I’ve nurtured all my life. Blooming and inviting it was that I fell in love again.

Betraying my poe-try I decided to bring it down, to have more time for my new love, I planned to cut my poe-try. I hired workmen and machineries, all was set to start, it all began!

Unfortunately, as much as I cut is what grows back, making my poe-try wax stronger. The more I fell, the more my new love cries in pain, the more I pull down the more my poe-try blooms. Until I realised, that my poe-try has duplicated itself, forming it’s best friend.

I stopped when I found this, when I realised they both depend on each other, I stopped my plans. My poe-try continued waxing stronger and my my new love depletes neither.

I am still in love with poetry although spoken words is now emerging, but all my life my poe-try is what I’d care for, and as much as I do that, it simultaneously cares for my new love. What a sequence!


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