Poem: Akinbola (K)Hadijat – When You’re Mine

When You're Mine - Poem By Akinbola (K)Hadijat
When You're Mine - Poem By Akinbola (K)Hadijat

That diadem I will be, the one that mutely speaks of your kingship,
Not the ones made with stones of Jasper and sapphire
But more precious stones of virtues that speak your royalty.
I’ll be the carriage that puts your coach on track.

I will be the emojis that add life to your conversations,
The fluorescent that makes your chandelier bright,
The shells that beautify the golden shore of your sea,
Not the stars that litter your sky
But the glowing ones that sparkle up your varsity.

When you’re mine,
I won’t be the cook that sets a table,
But the one that makes every meal sumptuous
And keeps the table calling for chitchats.

If you permit me to be the lens in your frames,
I’ll put out the light of every bad memory you might have seen
And make you see nothing but an Eiffel,
The one that tells you of Paris and puts you to sleep.

When you’re mine,
You won’t go out at night to look at the moon
Because I’m one moon that will brighten up the room.
Nor will I hear the shrills of insects for your voice at the height of its masculinity
Will keep my ears softly vibrant as you narrate your ordeal of the day.

So I await that you pay my price and the attached prices,
The cleric is not far away
And father’s words are obtainable.

(K)Hadijat Akinbola

When You're Mine - Poem By Akinbola (K)Hadijat
When You’re Mine – Poem By Akinbola (K)Hadijat


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