What Happened To Peace? – Poem By Brenda Martha


What Happened To Peace?

Brothers from the north;
Farmers of wheat and sorghum;
Mothers from the south,
What happened to peace?

We’d traded together,
Brushed shoulders once a while,
But nothing this serious.

Introduced to civilization, we did accept.
But still;
What good did it bring?

More divisions we have now,
Religion, tribal, color, education!
Instead of bringing us together,
We are getting torn apart daily.

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Where’s the unity, harmony we use to know?
As hate, contempt, malice, disparity becomes all we know now.

Everyone for himself, God for us all.
Brother rising against brother,
Children of the same womb,
Dispute in question, money, land, a woman!

We’ve killed the spirit of love.

The goddess of love weeps bitterly.
So Inhumane we’ve become –
Killing has become a synonym of entertainment.
Devaluing human life,
Prioritizing inanimate objects.

Well, who to blame, albeit,
It’s the world of civilization!


What Happened To Peace? – Poem By Brenda Martha
What Happened To Peace? – Poem By Brenda Martha


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