Between the uncertainties of inbetweens,
Till the sound of  my last heartbeat,
I’ll take thy hands as we ride and glide
O’er colorful love faithful skies.

Being hither my side is a blessing divine,
To behold thy angelic eyes and call thee mine.
For even on dusky days sweet beauty is thine
And in cloudy times  you make my sun to shine.

When life pushes me against the wall,
Or drag me so low with failure dismal,
To roost in thy tender arms I shall be called
And even O’re mountains high I’ll fear no fall.

When thunders rage and all grounds shake,
When musings are no more at one’s  taste,
When the mind locks down with shallow deeds,
You’re the remedy for my emotional needs.

For thou art thy love in my surreal life –
The high boisterous tides in my rising oceans.
Fairer than the poppies in Flanders Field
That signifies unwanted immortality.

For mortals seldom have mistress like thee,
One whose affection is better than Adam’s Eve.
Phenomenon like you occurs over centuries,
And cause I have you now, I’ll honor our memories.

On my chest’s left ventricle I’ll inscribe thy name
With steamy inks of eternal blissful love,
Never from my heart shalt thou depart
Even when we meet, in heaven afar!

Bill Ivans

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  1. John Lawor says

    This Is Amazing
    Happy Birthday Free

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