Each time we break into frantic races into the future,
We feel we’ve won,
Unknown to us, that couple of our coupled loyal organs aren’t racing with us –
They left us to dance in our past.

Let us uncover this veil that’s obscuring our vision,
From seeing what lies in life’s barn for us,
While we continue racing into foreign futures;
Our life of fallacy is friction,
Working against our motion,
Greatly reducing our velocity towards the crest.

Let’s us uncover this veil & expose it to be washed away by erosion…
We’re the erosion, but we need to know our faults
Before they could be washed off…
Uncover this fragments piercing our feet
Spanking our buttocks, unknown to us
As we still pleasurably embrace this pieces.

It is time to uncover…
On your tracks, set… Uncover!

I am Emmanuel

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