Third Force (1) – Poem By Solomon Temitope

Here comes the gallant troop of the third force
Making a boisterous call for the mantle,
Disregarding the stratifications with their file.

Here comes the gallant troop of the third force
Having an abundance of tools yet lacking the personnel,
Thus looking up to the people for help.

But these people no longer want to be mercenaries of power play –
They’ll rather be the victim!
Because the existing force has antiquated them.

These people now prefer the known devils;
One is parochial, the other seems opposite –
Bu is an analog, Ati appeared anadig.

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Both have flourished from the woes of the land –
Drinking out of the bleeding elephant.
But still, this elephant looks up to them for succor…
This elephant is confused.
Contemplating the marriage of convenience with one of her assailants.
Bu has primarily failed, Ati is a tertiary failure.

Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!
What about the unknown angel rooting for your freedom?
That one beckoning for ammunition, for your assailants are well equipped.
Instead, you labeled this angel immature to face these giants.

Oh, ye beast! when shall thou shred off your tormentors!
Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!


Third Force 1 – Poem By Solomon Temitope
Third Force (1) – Poem By Solomon Temitope

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