The Third Force 2 - Poem By Solomon Temitope

The Third Force 2 – Poem By Solomon Temitope

After PACT wore the veils of failure – I mean Presidential Aspirants Coming Together,
It became evident that interest aggregation is the most difficult task in human society.

God is aware of the potentials in human cohesion, little wonder the reason he took the historic decision at the Tower of Babel – the War Commanders that should have destabilized the regnum settled to pitching their tents separately.

Nonetheless, their tents must be made relevant in the war for liberation.
They must not be allowed to fade after the first assault like a fog in 2019.

Victory in 2019 is very slim but still, revolution isn’t achieved with just sweep.
The assault is a chance to send a message – a revolutionary message;
A message signaling our discontent with their fiefdom;
Letting them know they are false and the overhauling will start from their footholds
With a significant mandates to the third force, proselytizing for the just cause.
That their camaraderie will feel the heat, with the tables turning against them.

The ultimate dream is 2023, but 2019 is the cavalry charge that must be formidable
The Cavalry will feel the push and won’t bail on us.
Dear Nigerians, don’t miss out on this chance.

Mind you, this isn’t a poem.
But a charge to revolution…i have spoken!

Solomon Temitope

The Third Force 2 – Poem By Solomon Temitope
The Third Force 2 – Poem By Solomon Temitope

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