The Snake Who Became A Friend. — Short Story By Temitope Solomon

The Snake Who Became A Friend. — Short Story By Temitope Solomon

The day promised to be tranquil and idle because there wasn’t much activities to engage in, leave for the exception of romancing books and my phone. With no immediate task ahead — not knowing an even bigger task lies ahead of me — the encounter with the snake who became a friend, I thus decided to fill my stomach with noodles and egg adjoined by a soft drink.

As and then, the time was around 10:30 am, the area quite deserted because people have already left for their workplace and students off to school. The path to the retail outlet where I’ll get the goods was bushy on both sides. An unkempt farm shabbily fenced on the right side stood ahead of me, with a stick edged out of the fence. Voila! Lying on the stick is a green SNAKE!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i’m afraid of snakes. I have this special spot for it as a toddler but I’ve had a healthy relationship with it after killing one before my girlfriend. Few yards before me is a green snake enjoying the sun bathing. Which is reputed to belong to the flying specie of snakes. I knew as the higher animal, if I showed hostility it will flee. I thus stood at the spot engaging myself in thorough thinking of what to do.

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Then I remembered a favourite Television show of mine “Snake in the City” on Nat Geo Wild. I remembered how the guy captures the snakes alive, put them in their natural habitat and various documentaries. I’ve watched where snakes were shown love and they reciprocated same. One quiet voice said in my head “Temi, what if those shows and documentaries have been doctored? Besides this is an African Snake!” accompanying this voice are gory images from the movies “Snake on a Plane” and “Anaconda”.

I decided against the voice and carried out my intention. You think I captured the snake? No, No, I’m not an expert in that regard, besides I followed my heart but I carried my brain along. I walked towards the snake calmly with no sign of hostility. It tilted its head towards me to acknowledge my presence. I looked at it when I was directly opposite it with little space between our heads. I made sure my hand or leg didn’t move so it won’t decode it to mean an. hostile gesture. I did this for a few seconds and left for my destination — with this, the snake only tilted its head to my movement.

On my way back, I met this my friend at the same spot; yea my friend or what do you think? We’ve become friends! I repeated the same gesture and it gave the head gesture as well. I embarked on my way peacefully and the snake enjoying its sun bath.

I left its presence feeling elated at my encounter with the green snake. I was able to deduce that “not everything is what is said to be until you choose to act otherwise. We can be friends if we chose to be one. Let’s explore peace instead of fight, just like the snake who became a friend did. We can be an ambassador of peace. Yes we can!

I hope every reader can go with this lesson too — this lesson learnt from my encounter with the snake who became a friend.

Solomon Temitope

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The Snake Who Became A Friend. — Short Story By Temitope Solomon
The Snake Who Became A Friend. — Short Story By Temitope Solomon

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