The Sloth

Early in the morning
I lay glued to my bed,
The comfort seems to increase,
It felt like paradise!

The clothes aren’t washed yet,
The floor’s as neat as the refuse dump.
The stench unbearable.
I’d do that tomorrow I said!

My bones feel weaker,
It’s about to rain,
The Weather isn’t friendly,
I can’t go out today.

Oh! This movie’s captivating,
I can’t afford to miss it.
The fowls haven’t being fed!
I’d simply do them tomorrow.

Life seems interesting this way,
Days and months pass by,
Months turn years,
Years decade!

Interesting though,
But,My life looks meaningless!
Death is approaching,
Yet I haven’t  succeeded.

Procrastination has killed me!
I caused my doom.
I wasted my life.
I’m finished!



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