I’ve plied to & fro Hell’s route;
To Hades uttermost part;
Danced in the muse of the devil’s screeches;
Dined with his bittersweet delicacies;
Stared at Lucifer pleasurably in the eyes;
Walked through his Lake of fire -listening to endless tales of believable lies.

I’ve travelled to paradise afar;
Gazed upon eternal radiant lights;
Conversed with Angels on high,
Of wars and hate and envies and strife;
Smiled as I perused the vineyards throughout
Where I saw the tree of life,
And on the right the one that made us wise –
My wandering soul never Beheld any night

I’ve drunk from succes’ fountains that I came nigh;
Swam in glory’s rivers and tides –
Watch sweet laurels dance atop my head
In circular joyful motions of wonderful  plume
Excel so great to majestic heights
And laughed as if my ribs would fall right out my side.

I’ve taken astonishing sips from failure’s stream;
Got pinned down in sudden unfortunate miseries;
Rejoiced with whooping disastrous heartbreaks;
Smiled in the face of storming adversaries;
Embraced the joys of ultimate  disappointments;
And slept in the embrace of colossal rejection.

I’ve had enough of Love’s sweet touch,
With deep affection and not mere lust.
Lived in castles of divine serenity,
Of Passionate touches without turgidity –
One that surpasses mortal comprehension,
So smooth and lovely without rusty friction
That lit my dim soul on blazing fire –
Hotter than that of electrified wires

Hostile brutalities has been my place;
Several times I’ve been struck by this human race,
Severe blow offs I’ve worn on my face.
When love walked out and pains I lived with,
So horrible was the stress of severe  heartbreaks
Stronger than wine and sweeter than raisin cake…
Time and again I’ve swallowed sugary tears.

Those are the reasons I live without fears!

Bill Ivans

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