Weak and tired I raised my voice
Towards the sky,
Hoping for resuscitation,
Revival of my hope.

The rainbows replied in its wealth,
The parables of life.

Red came spitting fire,
Like sango the god,
Telling me to beware of danger,
To thread life cautiously.

Orange spoke in length,
Longer than that river in South Africa,
Explaining the taste of life,
Making me fall in love with nature.

The beauty of yellow gave me life,
Radiating across my face.
At this point hope found me again,
At the same point he jilted me.

Green, how much is your description?
Dumping your inexperience
To intimate life in me,
Colourfully glittering through nature.

Blue! Blue!! Blue!!!
Remembrance overshadows me
When I raised my face to the sky,
Fastening my life to God.

Indigo reminded me of betrayal,
The cankerworm that eats up
The beauty of friendship.
The colour of the treacher.

Violet the accommodator,
Your hospitality made me love again,
Your outstretched arms
That draws the world nearer.

Rainbow, your words spoke hope
To my hopeless body,
Your words broke the wind,
The wind of doubt.

Hope is rebirthed,
So is me,
Therefore like an eagle,
I soar with my wings.

I am Emmanuel

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