I want to go there!
Says her countenance,
Breaking loose from the shackles,
Off she flew to the hinterland.

Enjoying the splendor of her exploit,
She reveled in her new found territory
What nature bequeathed on her…
She failed to add to nature.

Alas! The land is angry;
Grumbling hard against the intruder,
But its sibilating sound is sonorous to the dragon –
The last of her kind.

At the climax of her pleasure
Forgetting her Achilles heel is in her stomach,
She made a reverberating guffaw
Accompanied by a conflagration.

Helpless against her consequence,
She became a laughing stock to fishes,
A mediocre before the chicks;
They refused to give her asylum.
She yearned for her old white chain
Tied to the ancient pillar of western world.

She’s no longer missed at home,
Replace by a new dragon from the southern province.
No home for her again,
Except the endless sky.

She became a vagabond
Relieved of her glory,
Taunted as a giant,
But reduced to a mere fly
That has past but no future.

© Solomon Temitope

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