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The famous sango Ibadan filled the mouth of drivers, calling and fighting for passengers. It was a Wednesday afternoon in the popular Iwo road, a big commercial hub in Ibadan as Everyone was as usual, busy going on their businesses while the African sun scorches the African earth for no reason. Everywhere was hot and damp. Tade walked towards the garage with a school bag behind him. The noises of traders, vehicles, national unions workers, drivers and passengers filled the whole garage, with everyone going about his or her business.

Tade’s phone vibrated in his chest pocket. A small 5’7 screen size tablet which he won at the famous FCMB raffle draw organized early last year. He knew who is calling but his mind isn’t in it right faculty. The ringing persisted until Tade was forced to bring out his phone while a woman broke into tears from the other end.

“Hello mummy” Trade said as he rolled his eyes. “Tade am sorry” his mom sobbed from the other end. “I have heard you, stop crying” Tade replied pretending he is sober.
“Where are you?” Tade’s mom asked.
“On my way to school” Tade replied
She sobbed and hiccupped, “I promise I will never fight with your father again” She said as she sneezed and continue sobbing.
“OK ma” Tade said and hang the call.

Tade walked few metres forward and was stopped by a taxi driver “Bros come and enter, sango Ibadan” a taxi driver said as he pulled Tade by the hand.
“He be my passenger, na me first hala am!” Another driver shouted.
“Muri you know sey I don dey tell you say the say I go beat you for this garage” the driver said. “Who you think sef you be, King kong?” Muri replied as he pointed his hands aggressively at the driver. “I no get your time, na because I just begin work this afternoon” the driver said as he led Tade towards his vehicle. He completed those who were seated at the back, an elderly man probably in his sixties and a young lady. Soon the cab was filled up then they began their journey towards Sango.

They haven’t gone far when the elderly man coughed. “Greetings from Jesus the son of God” the man said. Tade suddenly felt uneasy, he was angry at the name of the so called son of God who sent him to problematic family, an human version of hell.

He grew up shutting up his emotions, griefs and wails but right now he want to argue.
“I am here to discuss what Jesus did for us” the man said. “What?” Tade found himself asking. “Good question my brother, he came to save that which was lost” the man replied. “What is that?” Tade asked. By now both of them have drawn the attention of other passengers in the cab.

“Man, we were lost to sin after our forefather and mother, Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the knowledge of the truth and evil” the man replied. “Why couldn’t God have prevented them from eating it?” Tade asked. “Because we have free wills,we have free will” the man replied almost immediately. “The free will that the amalekites had but yet God instructed Saul to kill all of them, what a caring and loving God” Tade said. “The amalekites were evil, they fought against the israelites” the man countered. “Ooh oo and so also Jephthah’s daughter that was made has burnt offering” Tade said smiling as he found himself winning the battle of words between himself and the old man.

“Na only God sabi who dey worship am” the driver said. “That God still dey watch has boko haram dey slaughter his followers abi?” Tade asked. “Shey you no believe in God ni?” The driver said as he looked at Tade from the center mirror. “He doesn’t exist” Tade said and Suddenly the driver hit his leg on the break.

“Oga come down, no make God thunder fire me” the driver said as he open the door for
Tade to come down. “This is rubbish” the Lady said. “Jesus saves” the elderly man said immediately as if replying the young lady. ‘He should have done that to those kids in Iraq, Syrian, Afghanistan etc or is it that his protection doesn’t cover those places?” Tade said and walked away. He watched as the car speed away as he started trekking. He was already at samonda, so he is close to Sango.

Tade doesn’t really understand why people flinch, get angry and defend the gods brought by the Arabs and white men. They are both Abrahamic gods and evolve around violence. Tade does not believe a supreme being exist right from his childhood days when he would cry whenever his nanny forces him to say the holy Mary.

He later understood who he was when he was in ss1 when he came across the word “Atheism”. He was afraid and started casting out unbelief but there was nobody to help him out. His parents were always fighting then and he is afraid of the teenage teacher who look like a Greek sister of fate, with her big cane for those who couldn’t memorize the scripture, She would have abused him and call him an ingrate or even go to an extend of telling the church council. Then shame will creep in that a bible club president doesn’t believe God

If God truly exist then the scientists should have got a clue about his existence, but none except some ridiculous scrolls that are for kids saying God separated a sea, a snake
and a donkey spoken. The God that did all that couldn’t save Hiroshima and Nagasaki
but watch the whole place destroyed by an atomic bomb. What a sadistic dog called God!

(Watch Out For Episode Three)


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