The Departure; For Chibuike – Poem By Akuvi Aguedze



It was quarter past five
Yet he had failed to arrive.
I stood looking in all directions
With fading expectations.

I waited patiently
Scanning the street hopefully.
I paced anxiously
Whilst expectantly checking the time —
It was gradually day breaking;
Dawn was fading away
While the white clouds flew by
With the blue sky becoming visible.

“One moment more”
I whispered to myself
“Love never fails”
I sang to my heart


Just then the cars were stopping
The red traffic light was on
“One more time”
I said over and over again

I looked over my left shoulder
The cars were fast approaching
As fast as day was breaking

I stood still
And searched through the cars
A cab had pulled up
Could it be him, I wondered

Then a hand waved at me
From the driver’s seat
I looked away thinking it wasn’t me

So the horn honked at me
To lend a hand to the hand that waved
I said smiling

For the driver stepped out to call me
I walked to the cab
Wondering why CHIBUIKE didn’t step out

I opened the door and sat down
“You look beautiful” he said smiling
We drove off
Chattering through the journey


The bus terminal wasn’t so busy
Nobody acting fussy
None acting funny

It was morning
People had spent the night there
Two women were praying
Two men were chatting

We took a seat at the back
He was dressed like an Hausa man
A man an Igbo will love to trick
But he was no Hausa man, he was Igbo

It was the shortest one hour of my life
I’ve never seen time fly so fast
I lost track of our time together

But one thing was sure
With how he held me close
And how I rested my head on his chest
We didn’t want to separate

Each one silently prayed
That the bus will delay
I, that he wouldn’t go
But that was all just wishes


The last moment
Was the most torturing
The bus had arrived
In all of it’s tyranny

“Don’t go” I heard myself say
“I’m going to miss you”
He said for the umpteenth time
“Me too”

I have to be strong
So I smiled and shrugged it off
“It was only an adventure”
That was the lie I’d come to believe in

We got up and walked to the bus
The most painful walk
I’ve ever had to walk
Ouch! My feet hurt

Behind the bus
We hugged
And bid each other farewell
But ever present in each other’s hearts.

Akuvi Aguedze


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