The APC primary election have played out as scripted. The first scene directed by the inexperience director played out woefully as the drama was repugnant to the audience who felt cheated thereby disrupting the play.

The emergence of Kayode Fayemi as the gubernatorial flag bearer of the APC in Ekiti State is not really a blockbuster ending as itit’s one that could be predicted from the onset. A former Governor, an incumbent federal minister dining with the power that be, the resources are there for him to pull it off at the primaries but are those resources significant in the state? – THE BIG QUESTION.

There are many factors that determine whether he will be the right candidate for the embattled APC. This election means a lot to the ruling party because if Fayemi is rejected in his State, it means the present administration has lost the favour of the Ekiti people, thus sending huge signal to the Osun citizens at large that a new power is emerging and must align to save their interest in the ultimate 2019 election.

Fayemi, an astute politician with huge resources and political network at his disposal face an uphill task in claiming Ekiti from Fayose’s PDP. The emergence of Fayose’s deputy as the governorship aspirant of the PDP meant only one thing – continuity. If the Ekities are satisfied with the current state government then you can say the election is a dead rubber game.

Questions APC stakeholders should be asking is whether the reason Fayemi an incumbent lost his seat to Fayose in 2014 has been addressed. What unique offer is his return bringing to the political fora? What did Ekiti people see in Fayose that Fayemi lacks? Is it still there? These are the questions that should form the basis of their manifesto if indeed they want to claim the statestate once again.

The election will be an interesting and action packed one. Ekiti will be hosting monies, political gladiators, security agents, international observers, Media organizations and all eyes will be on July 14, 2018 as significant to the fate of the Ekiti’s people.

Fayose has promised Fayemi his worst political career defeat in the July election. Fayemi is smiling looking at Abuja for vanguard. Ekiti people are making their calculations as not to make blunder that will shape the next four years of their lives. Opinions leaders are not sleeping as they are back in the same spot after four years; Fayemi vs Fayose’s Shadow. Who wins?


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    This is a very good wtiteup, some people in the state see the emergence of Fayemi as a walkover victory for Fayose's Debuty. The reason for this is not farfetched, a lot of people are of the opinion that fayemi lacks local supports politically due to number of his deficiencies as regards relationships with the people of the state and worst still dialect palaver one of the things that made him to meet his electoral Waterloo in 2014 despite being an incumbent governor. The election is near, let's keep our fingers crossed and let Ekiti people decide. put we preach a violent free electoral exercise in Ekiti. Thanks

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