In the opinion of John Stuart Mill “…there are many truth of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home”. These are certainly the words in which students who now go through uncongenial conditions, a corollary of assuming the acute portion of in a triangular environment that is supposed to benefit them in a manner of speaking, now finds expression. For those who know the politics well enough knows the other two angles are the corners for the Student Union Government and Management/Government.

Now more than ever is the man on the campus street not only aware of this inequalateral triangle, but knows it features are that of exploitation, ineptitude and panic; a state of mad confusion. Interestingly unfortunate, Management/Government exploitation as assumed normalcy in the historical development of this triangle. And so, the focus of the average student must be turned towards the Student union government (the defender of his interest).

Whatever bedevils the defender of the student’s interest is none other than the evil forces of INTEREST and FEAR.  This is in tandem with the opinion of Napoleon Bonaparte who said “…men are moved by two levers only; fear and self interest”. An example in history where the Interest factor played out was the height of intellectual anorectism exhibited by Kenneth Hembe, one time NANS president in 2005. He used the platform in promoting the third term bid of General Olusegun Obasanjo.

Secondly, the FEAR factor can or is better explained by folks who must pay irrational increment in tuition fee and other charges amidst articulate and constructive reasons why they shouldn’t. This is all because the the Student Union folks ain’t up to task to challenge appropriate authorities. Too bad the meeting point for justifying this inactions is that in the end, death toll increases on the masses.

These are times that try men souls for all those caught up in this inequalateral triangle across the country. Late Musician,  Dobie Gray says he would drift away with rhythm of rock and roll at that point of confusion. Over time, my job has been to trigger this issues and whatever  you do with the information you have remains your sole right. I hope you student folks drift away with something that keeps you sane amidst this state of panic.


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