The Third Force 2 - Poem By Solomon Temitope

After PACT wore the veils of failure – I mean Presidential Aspirants Coming Together, It became evident that interest aggregation is the most difficult task in human society. God is aware of the potentials in human cohesion, little wonder the reason he took the historic decision at the Tower ofContinue Reading

Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Making a boisterous call for the mantle, Disregarding the stratifications with their file. Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Having an abundance of tools yet lacking the personnel, Thus looking up to the people for help. But theseContinue Reading

Beautiful Africa – African Poem By Bill Ivans

From afar, the blacksmith’s hammer is streams out, Breaking great steals through blazing heat; Modeling great tools and machineries with his crafty hands. Somewhere, deep down in Africa, Little boys are tending the flocks As great men fell trees and till the soil To sow their seeds and reap aContinue Reading