This poem beginsNot in the daylightor on beautiful morningswhen larkssing and crickets chirp sounds like jazz music,Not when there’s a rainbow and the sky is beautiful. This poem begins at midnightWith the screech of owls,the howls of wildcatsand squeaks of bats. This poem begins at the intervalsbetween the strikes ofContinue Reading

A Night Without The Moon – Poem by Akinbola (K)hadijat

A Night Without The Moon – Poem by Akinbola (K)hadijat When the stars were obstinate And the lightnings were overbearing;When the waves were ecstaticAt the detriment of my life;When the sun became fieryAnd set me up ferociously;The breeze became stillBut the wind unrestrained,Blowing off all countenances of rigidity. I wasContinue Reading

Blank – Poem By Akinbola (K)hadijat

The leaves on the trees are patched upIn the heart of the woods, my Soul is buried Because the birds that croak Pushes frogs to the walls of inferiority. Everyone is quiet except my talking self which Pounds against a cage of bent ribs.Lifeless leaves leave the coziness of theirContinue Reading


Angela,Let’s this poem begin on the tongue of a patient dog –Nostalgic; shades of memories, thoughtful… Let us swirl freely to these tunesOnly we both can hear. I used to be wise until I became star-struck. You were the star reflecting my dumbness to the world.Each night I became friendsContinue Reading

The Third Force 2 - Poem By Solomon Temitope

After PACT wore the veils of failure – I mean Presidential Aspirants Coming Together, It became evident that interest aggregation is the most difficult task in human society. God is aware of the potentials in human cohesion, little wonder the reason he took the historic decision at the Tower ofContinue Reading

Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Making a boisterous call for the mantle, Disregarding the stratifications with their file. Here comes the gallant troop of the third force Having an abundance of tools yet lacking the personnel, Thus looking up to the people for help. But theseContinue Reading

What Happened To Peace? Brothers from the north; Farmers of wheat and sorghum; Mothers from the south, What happened to peace? We’d traded together, Brushed shoulders once a while, But nothing this serious. Introduced to civilization, we did accept. But still; What good did it bring? More divisions we haveContinue Reading

Drained. Tired. Like a dog Left off its cage For the first time – wild. Bloodshot eyes. Strong weak veins. Like a clipped bird – broken. YOU’RE READING; Shades Of Poverty – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel Fixed vibrations. Empty sounds; a thousand sighs. Like a dammed river – Hindered; unhoned; dead.Continue Reading

His hands, tied With legs let loosed. See; he can, but still can’t – A man named nameless. His sonorous voice turns unsoothing, Deafening the gods towards him. Men gulp his tears like beer, Twerking endlessly to the sound of his wailing. You’re Reading: Melancholia – Poem By Solomon TemitopeContinue Reading