Bill Ivans - LOST in the TIDES

Bill Ivans – LOST in the TIDES; It’s midnight and I don’t hearthe footsteps of Pa climbing the stairs. The thuds of wooden bootsAnd the scent of rubber he wears as his perfumeNo longer comes with the night air. It’s rainy season. The tapping of raindrops on the window paneRemindsContinue Reading

Beyond The Rails - Poem by Bill Ivans

Beyond The Rails – Poem by Bill Ivans; We are dead!We lived, so long agothat we inherited fields where glory dwelled.But now we lie. We lie as victims of perpetual sluggishness. And here you stand, Alive!Where someone else stood before,And someone willWhen your mummy meets our corpse. We were theContinue Reading

Despondent Sirens - Poem By Bill Ivans

Despondent Sirens – Poem By Bill Ivans Last night the siren came;It was sister’s bodyLying cold in fresh red blood. The old brown ceiling hung low,Begging a view of the lifeless personThat once saved it of cobwebs. We can’t be this way – abandoned –Like this old house that knowsContinue Reading

Grey Matter - Poem By Bill Ivans

Grey Matter – Poem By Bill Ivans These bodies are all citiesbounded by territories of prideAnd deception,Shielding insecurities from the rest of the world –Internally corrupt with broken fabric and slack cells,Yet highly labeled on the global stage of life for fame;Betraying the citizens within. These bodies are just stewardsContinue Reading

This poem beginsNot in the daylightor on beautiful morningswhen larkssing and crickets chirp sounds like jazz music,Not when there’s a rainbow and the sky is beautiful. This poem begins at midnightWith the screech of owls,the howls of wildcatsand squeaks of bats. This poem begins at the intervalsbetween the strikes ofContinue Reading

Beautiful Africa – African Poem By Bill Ivans

From afar, the blacksmith’s hammer is streams out, Breaking great steals through blazing heat; Modeling great tools and machineries with his crafty hands. Somewhere, deep down in Africa, Little boys are tending the flocks As great men fell trees and till the soil To sow their seeds and reap aContinue Reading

Rebirth – Poem By Bill Ivans

Breaking between times,Covering split wounds,Shielding, budding, sprouting. Triumphing over impossibilities,Recovering from lost love,Carefully, quietly, timely. Moving into solitude,Relying on nature’s relief,breeze, music, and ideal serenity. Succumbing to metabolismFueled by hormones,Slowly, Chemically, Involuntarily. Molting, losing, letting go.Opening blinded eyes,And ushering in a new light:Regaining hope, Reawakening, Reviving. For the time hasContinue Reading