Storms And Bridges – Poem By Akinbola (K)hadijat

These Storms And Bridges…

Phase II:
I feel the love in heated hatred;
Hot in the cold;
Lost on a narrow lane.

We can only exploit this storm
When we learn to thread the path it illuminates,
With strong beliefs – possibilities or impossibilities –
Because no border ever existed between their territories.

Our island of impossibilities:
Edifices of abstracts,
Streets of desires,
With authority, they man over the ocean of possibilities.

Phase I:
The lilies on the valley must blossom,
Whether or not the breeze blows verdure,
Whether or not the sun shines ardor.

We will scape through these clouded phases.
We can survive these violent storms.
We shall cross these rickety bridges,
Even though their planks seem to be all wan- patience.

Storms And Bridges – Poem By Akinbola (K)hadijat
Storms And Bridges – Poem By Akinbola (K)hadijat

(K)Hadijat Akinbola

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