Spirited Journey – Poem By Bill Ivans & PoetKhu

Spirited Journey – Poem By Bill Ivans & PoetKhu

In the mouth of darkness I feasted on her flesh –
Each second seemed endlessly drifting slowly into thin air.

Oh behold!
The sweetness of her deep red thick blood,
As it seeped through my teeth enamel,
Thus savouring the splits on my lips.

My tongue caressed the edges of her
Slaughtered fragile neck;
Sipping each viscous drop –
Preventing the spoils from seeping into the earth’s pores.

I left her sulking
Flaccid body for the underground demons
To dine with, and shelter in the corners of their jaws,
That her existence vanishes like snow in summertime…

Before my widened eyes,
I saw her embrace afterlife in deep hugs,
With dark spirits of ancient times engulfing her wandering soul
As she succumbed to immortality in the land of unknown…

…Oh!!! how spirited her journey shall be…

By: Bill Ivans Gbafore and Khulekani Ndlovo

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