Religion – Poem By Brenda Martha


What’s religion but one’s beliefs?

The various views of the supernatural.

Hadn’t we had any religion afore colonization?
And what is so good about the new one?

Ours a traditional belief feels better;
Hypocrisy is the new religion
Preaching of a Messiah as disguise,
With holy places turning to business centers,
And miracles performed to earn incentives.

The white has been stained.
What was intended for good
has now turned sour in our mouths.

Discard we did our tradition,
and in the name of what? Civilization!

Didn’t the wise once say,
He who abandons culture is a slave?
Are we then not slaves too?
Instead of liberation, we wear the yoke still,
blindly believing we got freedom…

Brenda Martha ©2018

Religion – Poem By Brenda Martha

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