Rebirth – Poem By Bill Ivans


Breaking between times,
Covering split wounds,
Shielding, budding, sprouting.

Triumphing over impossibilities,
Recovering from lost love,
Carefully, quietly, timely.

Moving into solitude,
Relying on nature’s relief,
breeze, music, and ideal serenity.

Succumbing to metabolism
Fueled by hormones,
Slowly, Chemically, Involuntarily.

Molting, losing, letting go.
Opening blinded eyes,
And ushering in a new light:
Regaining hope, Reawakening, Reviving.

For the time has come,
And this is the chance to forget how
to understand, comprehend, and duly absorb;
but go through effortlessly,
And endure the ease that comes

With each broken stage of REBIRTH!


Rebirth – Poem By Bill Ivans
Rebirth – Poem By Bill Ivans

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