13 minutes to sunset

Poem: iAmEmmanuel – 13 Minutes To Sunset

iAmEmmanuel – 13 Minutes To Sunset;

Say love is an irony;
Of things never to be forgotten;
Of smiles never to be shut;
Of happiness never to be quenched.
Say love is anything beautifully wrecked.

But you’re beautiful.
You’re Lucifer – an embodiment of the beauty and sonority I seek.
So, I ventured into the business of Loving you.

But you’re my generation’s definition of depression
The more I caress you, the more I see myself
Seeping out of sanity, wholesomeness…
Every minute of loving you leaves me broken.

And I know this is what love is.
But still, I love you.
I love just everything about you,
Plus the way you gradually murder me in the cold breeze of the beach.

It’s noon, the sun lies overhead.
The tides of this beach are growing heavier.
Looking deep in your eyes, the smiles reminds me of how much I’m dying in love.

The tides are coming closer.
The end is come, as its just 13 minutes to my sunset.

I Am Emmanuel

iAmEmmanuel – 13 Minutes To Sunset
iAmEmmanuel – 13 Minutes To Sunset

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