Poem: Bill Ivans – Stormy Chapters


This poem begins
Not in the daylight
or on beautiful mornings
when larks
sing and crickets chirp sounds like jazz music,
Not when there’s a rainbow and
the sky is beautiful.

This poem begins at midnight
With the screech of owls,
the howls of wildcats
and squeaks of bats.

This poem begins at the intervals
between the strikes of lighting;
It’s enfolded in balls of thunderstorms
written across dark clouds
that hangs low over
dense forest.

This poem is not romance,
It is of love – dark love;
How he loved sister.
This poem is of his journey
into her holy land,
A place he
found joy
while she lost her self
in the streams that rolled by.

He’d love wisdom,
And new adventures:
Adventures into teen-dom.

He perceived her like a book
which chapters he unraveled,
Deciphering the meaning of
the dots on her chest
and question marks her ears
were framed like;
He was curious to know
what each paragraph holds,
from beginning to end.

Her thighs engulfed his rod,
A rod she couldn’t handle –
She’d always flee home whenever
Mother lifted a rod
But now she had no choice:
The muscles that bind her to earth
wore more than 26 alphabets,
Too much for her comprehension!

The earth conspired against her
It kept her upright
Smirked its lips and
devoured the spills
of blood.
Red thick blood.
The moon hid its face
behind dark clouds
She was betrayed by nature.

There were no butterflies
or bumblebees
Her friends were all asleep.

This poem is about
How she was read without
a price tagged
by Ma or Pa
And since then
She’d flipped her pages
For every passerby
To read a line or two,
and get a glimpse
of what lies beneath
her hardcover.

Bill Ivans

Stormy Chapters – Poem By Ivans Bill
Stormy Chapters – Poem By Ivans Bill


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