Poem: Bill Ivans Gbafore – Road To Nowhere


You’re Reading; Road To Nowhere – Poem By Bill Ivans Gbafore.

Before you embark on the journey to depression:

One day,

I fear war will be the only piece your soul will know of,
Peace itself will flee your bosom and find refuge in odd corners of the world.
The rumbling of a thousand voices in your head will be pleasant than NOISE,
For noise will be the only silence your body will know.
Cacophony will pacify your raging soul,
Love will seem like a gallow, and words will be thorns pricking your soles.
The two will make you uneasy, for uneasiness in isolation will be that which you crave.

You’ll die a million times before you close your eyes eventually.
Thoughts of suicide will be the sweetest dreams you’ll know,
They will make you smile wider than you did on your wedding day.
Trails of your memories will be annihilated before your spirit departs.
You’ll wash them away slowly,
With each tear that trickles down your cheeks
Your palms will grow pale –
Pills will do you no good in this case.

And your skeletal bones will rot before you die,
Because you refused to feed them with joy while dining with depression.

© Bill Ivans

Road To Nowhere - Poem By Bill Ivans Gbafore
Road To Nowhere – Poem By Bill Ivans Gbafore

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