Akinbola (K)Hadijat - PAPARAZZI

Poem: Akinbola (K)Hadijat – PAPARAZZI

Akinbola (K)Hadijat – PAPARAZZI

I’m fizzling out
Because the light of the camera is putting my sight to avertable shame

The light on stage calls or intimidate
The stage lovers practically initiate me in spirit

But again this ecstasy feels like a royal horse galloping for a tournament
Oxymoron is being empty and ecstatic, me this moment

When the audience has jeered or cheered
I’ll be at the backstage rehearsing for what can’t be earned

Let the cameraman take one more shot
To be or not to be- iron out priorities and covet not

Flashes in the air, I freak out
Sweet contentment, a well-marked, success-filled sheet.

© (K)Hadijat Akinbola

Akinbola (K)Hadijat - PAPARAZZI
Akinbola (K)Hadijat – PAPARAZZI

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