The world is smitten with plagues –
Plagues of frustration;
Terror attacks;
Barricades of truth;
Stage managed miracles;
Hypocrisy in churches;
Trials and tribulations…

Fleets like shadows
In this catastrophic times;
Like souls manipulated in search of aesthetics
To simmer down horrendous situations,
Softhearted and hard minded;
People swear into cults
For wealth, whilst innocent
Souls are offered as accolades;
Gale of immorality ingrained in the society –
Father and daughter swaddle
In the quilt of ethereal ecstasy
Without shame in spree;
Clerics in alters glorify adultery in glee…
We live in a world where petals shield roses,
& lies consume the truth.

Only God’s grandeur will
Save us from these
Swirling and twirling plagues.

©®Jay Chronicles Njirimanh.


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