When life’s storm shows you hell,
Jingling in your head like a bell;
Stirring fire where waters dwell…
I tell you, persevere.

When the wind speaks ill of the present,
Throwing hopes down dreary closets,
Opening valves of teary faucets…
I tell you, persevere.

When you’re tempted to succumb to fear
Due to life’s overwhelming cares;
Remember, tomorrow lies in today’s care…
I tell you, persevere

Today’s afflictions are mere scarecrows.
Rise above your woes;
Greatness waits to be tapped tomorrow…
For today, I tell you, persevere.

These words,
Are of the gods.
Listen to the bearer’s song;
Heed the sweet voice from somewhere in Africa.

Written By; I am Emmanuel
Edited By; Jide Badmus

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