There can never be self-recollection
Without mind stillness.
Daily evil distortion
Orchestrates conundrums of life;
Sedating thoughts;
Hoarding dreams;
Scaring personality;
Depriving Justice;
Paralyzing life.

The emptiness in a moment
Doesn’t insinuate life is a saturated
Atmosphere of tears.
Life is not a monument of gloom,
Stand tall despite howling
And jostling winds
with catastrophic changes.

Fountain of hope drip drops,
Agony flip flops in the midst
of crossroads of calamitous
Pray fervently amid
Perils of pain, tears and disappointment.

Though feelings may connote
Anger and regrets,
God gives us vigor to carry on amid
Forces that threaten to negate life.
Courage gives birth to cosmic sustenance,
Strengthening us to walk through
Highways of life without the weight of morbid fears
Mitigating life’s injurious moments.

©®Jay Chronicles Njirimanh.


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