My Vow – Poem By Bill Ivans

The rain will no longer mock us;
The cold night air will cease to
Stick her tongue out at our ignorance;
The dark clouds will resign fate from scorning our chastity;
The emotions we carry will break loose from the shackles of distance;
The veil that separates us from bodily touches
Would be torn into two equal halves.

You’re Reading; My Vow – Poem By Bill Ivans

For I’ll hold your hand and walk past our past
As we travel down the aisle;
For we’ll be bonded infinitely with an endless gold ring,
Cuddling arm in arm when thunderstorms roar afar;
We’ll discover hidden treasures from within our bodies,
Following the map that lies between your thighs;
We’ll ply the route to heaven to-and-fro endless times;
We’ll flow with the weather and adore the drops of the rain.

Someday antecedents will no longer mock us…
We’ll conquer all, and glide free in love skies


My Vow – Poem By Bill Ivans
My Vow – Poem By Bill Ivans

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