Message To The Stars – Poem By Bill Ivans & Brenda Martha


To His Lover:

I’ll tell the stars
When my eyes are weary from the thick blackness of the night

I’ll tell the stars
Of the one who sits at the epicenter of my world
With a whisper I’ll hold it close to my chest
And say your name it its tiny ears

I’ll tell the stars
Of the lady at whose sight my legs tremble
And goosebumps lined randomly on my body
As chills run down my spine like electric bolts

I’ll tell the stars
That you’re fairer than her dazzling light
And your glamour is sparkling than her twinkles

When the world is asleep,
That’s when I’ll tell the stars
Of the dream that keeps me awake,
And love that burns me inside!

Her Response:

Under the silver moon did I sit, as
Thoughts on nothing but the night.
Until then did I hear, the whispers of the stars.

Last night the stars came,
Bearing the message from my love,
Of his undying love.

Warmth spread throughout my body
Leaving my skin tingly,
My loins longing,
Of the touch of those hands.

I drew his form on the skies,
Let the wind caress my body with its breath,
Closed my eyes to feel it,
The love running in my veins.

It warmed my very part
Made my breathing come in short
I grope in the dark reaching for you
When shall I see you again?

O little star,
Tell my love I’m waiting,
For he has to quench this thirst,
That’s keeping me awake at night.

Bill Ivans Gbafore & Brenda Martha

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