Make Impact.


Seventy years ago he was born…The world was happy! Yes they were… 😁🙌🙌
•Sixty years ago, he started school! .. The journey started. The race to be rich. 😃😃👶
•Fifty years ago he graduated…His family was proud of him! 👍👌🎓
•…and then>>>His Father died😞…so also his Mother. 😧😢😢

He became an orphan.He started struggling at a tender age. Struggling alone with the winds of life. 
Alas! Success found him. Forty years ago he became Rich and influential,so generous and Loving.He was loved. 

Yes he was Wealthy! But Ten years ago… Tragedy struck.He kicked the Bucket😟😟😟…. 
Yes, He Died! 
Everywhere was silent. The World was sad! An Elephant Has Fallen…
It is Finished! 

Lesson :
Make your presence and absence felt in life… Live life the way it should be.. 
Remember, The oppressors are gone,Murderers are dying… 
Live to make not to Mar…Impact using every moment of your life!
Make the world weep when you finally close your eyes… 👌👌👌
Because… In Vanity Man Liveth!!! 

I am Emmanuel. 

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