Love hurts – Poem By Ogundeji Theophilus


I gave up on love a long time ago.
All my life it has been wickedly abrasive.
So a lion I decided to become –
Neglecting the pack, to hunt alone.

I was free and happy and alone.
My meals full of meat; void of bone.
Yet every fortnight when the moon is full
And the stars dimly glow,
I find my flesh vehemently disagreeing.
But my heart still was strong enough to resist him for long.

Until you came and broke the edges,
Filling up the wide wedges.
You travelled the unknown with me like the biblical Lot,
Only to later vanish for greener pastures.

I salivated and savored and even choked on your hogwash;
My stony-heart bled since you stole my mackintosh.
Your smile was so sweet to my soul – I enjoyed it
More than the sun enjoys shining.

How foolish was I to have forgotten,
That by noon the sun will be rotten?
The sun is already hiding behind the whispering clouds,
But your silly stupid smile still strikes small silent sparks in my soul.

Enough! Now this heart will die,
And my soul freed from your lie.
But from the cold ashes,
My soul will go ablaze.

I will no longer flee from love,
But will be smartly sharper than love.



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