Bill Ivans - LOST in the TIDES

Poem: Bill Ivans – LOST in the TIDES

Bill Ivans – LOST in the TIDES;

It’s midnight and I don’t hear
the footsteps of Pa climbing the stairs.

The thuds of wooden boots
And the scent of rubber he wears as his perfume
No longer comes with the night air.

It’s rainy season.

The tapping of raindrops on the window pane
Reminds me of him.

Three years have passed by
since he left. Three seasons of rain too.

Fathers, they say shouldn’t
desert their families. Or
They should be there to provide warmth and comfort.

The roof leaks.
Maybe that is her way of sobbing for him.
Thunderbolts//lightning//the lights go off.

Sister screams. Tom meows frantically.
Sister should be there to cuddle him.
But how can she when the lights are off
And he’s a black African cat?

A dark figure walks in;
drenched in wetness with a cape, long coat, and a handbag.

Mother runs, throw her arms around him
and hold close.

She can’t refrain from
the embrace.
After three years, she finally found herself and it’s only
in the warmth of a man’s arms.

Some daydreams are sweeter than realities.
That’s where our soul finds joy and rest from
all that’s life.

An epiphany occurs – she’s standing alone,
looking through the broken window;
watching the raindrops fall one after the next,
not faster than her teardrops.

This occurs many times – too many nostalgic insights.
Pa is a goner,
He was washed away with the tides;
Caught in a violent storm.

Dark clouds and raindrops remind me of him.
Thunderstorms and Lightning too.

Time they say heal, but each ticking second produces
a pricking effect this time.

I hope sister hugs Tom tight the next time
there’s lightning/ rain/ thunderstorms,
And the lights go off.

Maybe that could be the first step to recovery for
all of us.

Ā© Bill Ivans

Bill Ivans - LOST in the TIDES
Bill Ivans – LOST in the TIDES

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