Lost Glory



…it’s being long I should have said this,
so listen carefully as I wouldn’t put it to repeat. The circumstances of life has almost weared us down, a great nation now looks like a clown.
I still seem not to understand How we lost our stand amongst the kings, and then belong to the fowls…
Regression in the economy, suffering with a melody, fierce occurrences has kept us in his colony!
I don’t care what you think of me, cause the fight for supremacy’s killing me. It’s killing me, it’s killing you, it’s affecting the whole nation. The selfishness of some sets of people has kept us at the low station!
This is heartlessness, this is wickedness! How can you fill your pocket and leave the whole country in a a terrible mess.
Oh! Nigeria where art thou glory? am waiting please show me! RotteningΒ in the closet as our leaders are ruining us slowly!!! …

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