Let Us Speak – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel


Let us speak, for these tales burn my throat
As I try shoving them into my belly untold.
These pains are too much –
My eyes are gradually breaking into streams of river.
My mouth vibrates,
My tongue wriggle in discomfort.
Breath now chokes –
The more I inhale the more I die…
Yet, this society mustn’t hear me reel every unspoken word out.

This society has rendered me dumb, numb, deaden…
But forgot to make me deaf –
Every night I hear battalions of voices plying my ear’s route.
One walked up to me yesternight
Telling me these rat poisons are food for humans like me…
Please don’t ask me what happened next.

Please don’t ask me
For I wouldn’t be there to respond.
& should this be an autobiography of the life I lived,
Please make it known to the world
That boys bear scars too,
With various tales burning down their throats –
Please allow them speak!

I Am Emmanuel.

Let Us Speak – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel
Let Us Speak – Poem By Sanusi Emmanuel

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