League Of Wordsmiths 2018 Rules For Shortlisted Entries

Congratulations to all shortlisted contestants for League Of Wordsmiths 2018. We wish you good luck as the league commences on the 9th of December.

We urge you to carefully read the rules below. These are the guidelines slated to guide this year’s contest.

• Principally, this contest is to learn, have fun, and win, hence, none of the contestants should contact any of the judges personally. If caught, such person gets disqualified.

• The league is divided into 10 rounds for poetry, & 5 rounds for short story. All shortlisted poets are to submit 10 poems on selected themes (Click Here For Selected Poetry Themes) or each round. All shortlisted story writers are also to submit 5 stories (350 words max) on selected themes (Click Here For Selected Themes for each round.

• These entries should be submitted on/before the start of the league – 9/12/2018. Failure to do so automatically disqualifies you from the league.

• Entries should be submitted in a mail as an attachment. The subject should be “Top 10 Poems – LOW18”

• For each round, the judges determines 80% of the final result, while audience voting determines 20% of the result.

• Each round is divided into rounds. Morning, afternoon, night. Schedule for each contestant for each round would be passed across a day to the commencement of the league.

• A contestant can canvass for votes, but mustn’t say which poem is his/hers. Anyone caught automatically gets a “zero” for that particular round.

• The eventual winners of each category goes home with a sum of N15,000 (or its equivalent in your currency)

• The top 3 in each category gets their top 10 poems published in an individual chapbook, and available for sale in popular e-stores.

• Let the game begin! Everyone is a winner.

Good Luck!

Click Here To See Shortlisted Entrants

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