Have you ever being caught up in a dilemma of disgrace because of your colour? Have ever thought of the fact that life has being unfair for making you black due to the embarrassment you’ve been always subjected to when you travel to their country?

Have you ever wondered what’s actually special in being white? And the stigma if being black?

Good news! For today I bring to you wordlords who’ll be dropping words on this subject matter; RACISM. They’ll be spitting words of encouragement and simultaneously writing against racism with the aim of lifting your soul out of that depression of being black. Enjoy!

1) The judges decision takes 70% of the judgement while well wishes and lovers of poetry votes takes 30%.

2) Upon no circumstance must any of the above mentioned poets vote.

3) The contestants are urged to invite friends to Vote for them using the comment section of this post. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

5) Voting lasts for 18 hours from commencement of Duel.

6) Vote using I VOTE POEM 1 or I VOTE POEM 2

7) Results would be uploaded briefly after the closure of votes.

Good luck to the wordlords.. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!



Title; Fighter of Racism:
A fighter with words
armed poetic swords
I’ll fight every race
till I unearth its base
all races ‘ll be displaced
humanity ‘ll be placed
every race I pledge to erase
only humanity gets a hiding place
when race sentiments are killed
then my mission is fulfilled
in the war, I will never rest
till I quech my quest.

© Ibrahim Yusuf



In a nation of ignorance
When human run race,
Where discrimination sings the latest gospel,
Where some people act superior.

The heroes of the land fought for unity together
Peace and harmony they sought
For the benefits of their successors
Why have we turned enemies to ourselves?

Why should my religion be that barrier to marriage?
Why should I be judged by where I come from?
Why can’t I make friends with my mate? 1
Why should my language matter?

Fight and wars are opened gates to hell
As no one cares about the damaged done
Is this ever going to end?
It’s time to act

Our generation should be that change
Let’s gather the strength in our voice
With our hands stretched in unity
I’m African, I’m black I’m beautiful

©Hevardinar 2017


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