Ayobami is a newbie in the league while oni seems to be amongst the favourites for the crown. Would things turn around to favour Ayobami? Or oni would continue with his winning streak?… Enjoy!

1) The judges decision takes 70% of the judgement while well wishes and lovers of poetry votes takes 30%.

2) Upon no circumstance must any of the above mentioned poets vote.

3) The contestants are urged to invite friends to vite for them using the commentsection of this post. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

5) Voting lasts for 18 hours from commencement of Duel.

6) Vote using I VOTE POEM 1 or I VOTE POEM 2

7) Results would be uploaded briefly after the closure of votes.

Good luck to the wordlords.. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!



TitleThe dying petal.

Is it until you laid her to sleep
Before you stop beating her?
Is it until you cover her with shroud
Before you treat her like a woman?

Power is to the people not men
Why should the sun be hidden?
Why must she dwell in your den?
She was given  to you as a beauty,
Beauty from the luminous star.

Her crying sound echoes in the river
Her flesh torn like a robber caught in daylight,
She feed your lust by her love
But all she get back is sword of her trust.

She’s on her two feet
Wrapped with her whole strength,
Her mother taught her how to pound
But your autocratic leads her to punch.

 She  swerve you like a river tide
She bite every flesh of man’s pride,
Now she’s equal with you
Now two king rules in a palace.

Ayobamiayanfemi @gmail.com
Chosen Star



 My mother was a feminist

Before she left for hades.
She slept on another man’s bed
One night before her death.

Long way back when men were men
And women are yet to switch lanes,
Feminism was in existence
Making waves across time and clime
It didn’t just start like rain without clouds.

Mother told me of Moremi, queen Amina
And hundreds of noble women in ancient times
who in their prime saved their lands
Not with conceited pride nor subtelty
But with sanity and humane dispositions.

Mother cooked for my father
But never serve herself the same number of meat.
Not because of her dumbness
Nor because she had no teeth.

Feminism does not speak of mere equality
But the beauty of mutual respect.

The night my father cursed her birth
She spewed venom in his eyes
For she also has a voice
That must never be immersed in silence.
He was blind since then
Never to see the light again…

I am a man, a man with nine ribs
Mother counted her’s, it was seven
She told me i am superior
But not the supreme being.

… This is poetry!


  1. I vote AYOBAMI Ayanfemi…. Oni is just addicted to using mere imagery… His lines are like bone without flesh… Not really poetic….I'd advise oni to improve

  2. Omo, Oni Tomiwa just finished this theme!
    Brilliant! I enjoy Ayobami's first stanza but he dived…he wasn't natural, he cooked it up artificially…I guess he wasn't free.
    I vote Oni Tomiwa.

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