This morning, I bring you two path-finders who will be using their words weaved into some poems to convince us he should be the favourite for the crown.

I bring you; OLANIYI OLOLADE and JOSIAH AKPAN. Remember, Josiah missed his last duel and we should know today he’s here for no joke. Also, olaniyi’s prowess in his last duel is one that can’t be written off. Who takes the crown. The decision is up to the judges and you!… Enjoy!

1) The judges decision takes 70% of the judgement while well wishes and lovers of poetry votes takes 30%.

2) Upon no circumstance must any of the above mentioned poets vote.

3) The contestants are urged to invite friends to vite for them using the commentsection of this post. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

5) Voting lasts for 18 hours from commencement of Duel.

6) Vote using I VOTE POEM 1 or I VOTE POEM 2

7) Results would be uploaded briefly after the closure of votes.

Good luck to the wordlords.. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!




Majority may carry the vote
But truth is not always popular
My grey hairs have gone through phases
That will make a man stand on end
My silence should not be mistaken as absence of wisdom
And I tell you
Don’t always go where others troop
The bandwagon is sometimes very bad
Chart your path
Don’t also tread on paths
Just because no one else has
To end up as a unique fool
Find your path
No matter how bright the moon shines
It will never become the Sun
You are a twin by birth
But even ROYGBIV has separate paths
Glued as a rainbow
As I take this last breath
I leave you with this priceless treasure
Your path is yours
Only you can find it
Stay on course”



They say the world is a wilderness of darkness,
Even those who have eyes stagger like blind men.
The wind wispers; tornado hitting my eyes,
Till I stumble and lose my way.

They also say this road is rough and tough,
Only the giants survive the fires and storms.
Pebbles and thorns, hurting men legs,
Piercing through their feet till they lose their ways.

I lost my way when I was too young;
The world became a strange wilderness,
With lions roaring in every edge,
The scary speaking shadows scaring my tender mind.

But I found a man when the way became too complex,
He led me through the sinking sands,
Through the dark ways of violent valley,
Through the tough path where giants fell.

He becomes the glowing moon that brightens my way,
Leading me through the wilderness to the promise land.
He becomes the lantern that guilds my path,
He’s a lamp to my feet,my sun and light; He’s my pathfinder!


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