League Day 15, Round 6 – LOW18


Welcome to the final round of league Day 15 – final league Day for LOW18.

League Of Wordsmiths is an initiative of Whyke Anthology which began last year. Serving as a means of promoting poetry, story writing…and art as a whole, across Africa, whilst also serving as an aid for young, budding, aspiring…writers in the African diaspora.

This round is for the poetry category and would see Edoziem Miracle, Jejemy Oluwasola, Yusuf Halima, Ayinmode Mercy Slugging things out for the prize.

Theme For This Round is: LASTING SMILES


1) Judges Decision takes 80% of the total decision, while votes recorded from voters takes 20% of the total decision.

2) Under no circumstance should you guess the owner of the individual stories.

3) Voting lasts for 24hours.

4) Only Votes recorded in the comment section of this post remains valid.

5) Vote using “I Vote poem 1”, or “I Vote poem 2” or “I Vote poem 3”…

6) A voter is allowed to vote maximum of 2 poems out of the 4 contesting poems .

7) The contestants are urged to invite friends to vote for them. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

Let The Game Begin!… May the best story win.
Poem 1
The Cold Smile of the Cadaver

I remember your gleaming smile,
It told a captivating tale of life,
Yet it lasted for a while,
Your soul stolen by the crisis of midlife.

Now, You are stiff and stone colds
I am broken, I have lost hope,
Speculated we will both grow old,
Forgot the future is beyond my scope.

But I wonder…why
Even in the name of death,
As your eyes can no longer see the sky,
Why you smile even after your last breathe.

Even after, you are set six feet beneath,
I can see you smiling underneath.

Poem 2

Grandma died last night.
There was joy in her limbs, she didn’t fight death.
She laid her body to rest before she died.
She told stories that she always kept a secret.
She called for all the people she loved and gave them blessings.

She wanted her last moments to be the best.
Even after her body had been offered to the sea,
She didn’t drown, her smile stayed afloat.
I heard angels welcome her in heaven when the day broke.
She was happy she died.

Poem 3
The Things I Love

They are the little seeds
With tiny blazers that
The minute-hands so easily pierce
Yet I do not
Feel the drops of juice that drip from them
Because they cause my heart to sizzle
Become the sunflowers that light my dreams
With thick beams
I still see even when the sun and clouds have changed
They are little me in pretty dresses I outgrew
The days I ran with the wind licking my armpits
No worries, no pouch of responsibility
Just me staring into the eyes of the world
Those days before now
Have become the frames on my wall
Frames that put me in the right frame
And suck away my pain
They are the dust on my front door
And though I walk through pale days
They become bridges to the world beyond the clouds
The blades that slit open my crumpled lips
And paints my eyes bright
It’s not a bluff
I am what I am
Because of the things I love

Poem 4
Lasting Smiles

Lasting smiles are the ones falling from the sky like a dew in gradual dustings.
You are soaked but you won’t dry easily because the feeling is ethereal like a breeze blowing between backyard of heaven.
Lasting smiles do not exist on earth they only trek miles of unwavering velocity and exhaust into the air with respect to time taken.
Like the one your lover spelt on your face, radiating like the sun and sets in the evening.
For smiles don’t leave until we live them verily.
But the heart is an illusion where the world exist,
And here smiles last longer than the moon.



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