League Day 15, Round 4 – LOW18


Welcome to the fourth round of league Day 15 – final league Day for LOW18.

League Of Wordsmiths is an initiative of Whyke Anthology which began last year. Serving as a means of promoting poetry, story writing…and art as a whole, across Africa, whilst also serving as an aid for young, budding, aspiring…writers in the African diaspora.

This round is for the poetry category and would see Faleke Oluwatoyin, Oni Tomiwa, and Adebowale Kolawole Slugging things out for the prize.

Theme For This Round is: LASTING SMILES


1) Judges Decision takes 80% of the total decision, while votes recorded from voters takes 20% of the total decision.

2) Under no circumstance should you guess the owner of the individual stories.

3) Voting lasts for 24hours.

4) Only Votes recorded in the comment section of this post remains valid.

5) Vote using “I Vote poem 1”, or “I Vote poem 2” or “I Vote poem 3”…

6) A voter is allowed to vote maximum of 2 poems out of the 3 contesting poems .

7) The contestants are urged to invite friends to vote for them. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

Let The Game Begin!… May the best story win.
Poem 1
Lasting Smiles

Your smile is as wide as the length of a ripe plantain,
With dimples deep enough to hold tubers of yam
And your beautiful dark face is my heaven
My soul is at peace when I’m with you
Because like you, I am smiling like a Cheshire cat,
I’m smiling those smiles that last.

Your skin as succulent as those of a newly-born baby
Your long legs are in competition with those of the ostrich,
Leading to that tiny waist decorated with beads,
My heart yearns for you to be finally mine when I’m with you,
Because of you, I am smiling like a man who married a new wife,
I am smiling those smiles that last.

Poem 2

Lasting smiles

Everytime I sip my cocktail
Of grief— I let it sink inside
Because I bear a placard
Of a fixed smile that no one
Understands, if it is real
Or just another façade.

Sometimes, I wonder if any-
One ever smiled with no re-
Think of the passing moment.
I do not know why we wear
Out the truth in our laughters
As we march with measured
Steps towards the throat of dusk.

Maybe age really takes away
Each molecule of joy from my
Body— from our souls. Maybe every
One will regret how we hurried
Out of childhood and wasted
The impression of its lasting smiles.

Poem 3

On the shore— when our tears are dry
Whence at last the laughter of my former friends recedes at sunset
And victory be the song of our locked lips
And the toils of my ancient years will be harvested.

Is it the laughter that lingers — even on the face of a toddler?
Or the songs of the land, and of rubies of clime.
Is it our comrades or the forgotten soldier?
Together we shall glorify the future time.

Truly, truly, our wars will be history—
And the fruitful fields of our land —
Will lay in many many mystery —
Of the faithful treasure of our band.

Riches more than hand could measure
Fish and bread, oat and hay
Treasure more than mind could pleasure
Shall be ours upon that day.

Shall the feast be over?
Should the beast be thrown?
Shall our plight be overthrown?
When our courses and curses are over!

When our courses is over!
Rings should from our noses varnish
Foods and funds should tarry forever
Weeping whips no more to our back
When Lasting Smiles shall crack.

On the shore— when our tears are dry
Whence I’ll remember the waged wars on our journeyed mile
And the deeds of our ancient years.
The EVENING SMILE should cloud my while.

  1. Sam Smart says

    I vote poem 3

  2. Boluwatife says

    I vote poem 3

  3. Gift says

    I vote poem 3

  4. Musa says

    I vote poem 3

  5. Bolaji says

    I vote poem 3

  6. Kaycee says

    I vote poem 3

  7. Clinton says

    I vote poem 3

  8. Folake says

    I vote poem 3

  9. Adebayo says

    I vote poem 3

  10. Abigail says

    I vote poem 3

  11. Pretty says

    I vote poem 3

  12. Gbolahan says

    I vote poem 3

  13. Tee Dart says

    I vote poem 2

  14. Salvation says

    I vote poem 2

  15. Rachel says

    Poem 2

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