League Day 13, Round 1 – LOW18


Welcome to the first round of league Day 13.

League Of Wordsmiths is an initiative of Whyke Anthology which began last year. Serving as a means of promoting poetry, story writing…and art as a whole, across Africa, whilst also serving as an aid for young, budding, aspiring…writers in the African diaspora.

This round is for the poetry category and would see Jejemy Oluwasola, Yusuf Halima, and Faleke Oluwatoyin slugging things out for the prize.

Theme For This Round is: Goodbyes, Good Byes.


1) Judges Decision takes 80% of the total decision, while votes recorded from voters takes 20% of the total decision.

2) Under no circumstance should you guess the owner of the individual stories.

3) Voting lasts for 24hours.

4) Only Votes recorded in the comment section of this post remains valid.

5) Vote using “I Vote poem 1”, or “I Vote poem 2” or “I Vote poem 3”…

6) A voter is allowed to vote maximum of 2 poems out of the 4 contesting poems.

7) The contestants are urged to invite friends to vote for them. No rule exempts you from canvassing for votes.

Let The Game Begin!… May the best story win.

Poem 1

Goodbyes goodbyes

& sighs,hearty pinches & fading colors & weights from a watery fate.

Like a spell or a tragedy sprinkled in bad odour on the face of two parting feet.

The wind is blowing and the tree is blithesome & rattling & howling,

A leaf would surely depart again.

For time is a judge to everything that was stained by it.

We are slaves to whatever weaves our memories with silence from good times that dissolves easily.

Of a crafty smile withering into what furrows freaking ripples on your grandmother’s face.

Like you don’t mean it,

Like it is usual to depreciate with your heart flowing in reversed verses.

But you’re left with a remnant of what is nameless radiating into a formless moon.

You don’t know if it’s real but goodbyes are simple songs staggering between the lips of a man.

On your way home you are defending yourself and the day too seems a relief,

You are left between what frost engulfs a hot body.

And all of a sudden your shadow won’t care,

For the day would flip like the pages of a book.

Maybe goodbye is a point where we wear what does not fit our body like dying now to live what life holds.

Poem 2


For better for worse we vowed,

The latter became the only vow we fulfilled

Waking to feel the thunder that struck my back

From the soft tender hands that wore my wedding ring.

I watched the man I married become a beast

But for better for worse we vowed.

If God answers prayers, then why am I alive?

This question ate my bitter soul deep.

His smiling face became a façade for guests

And my womb became a victim of his violence

Our home became a battle ground

With no referee to judge.

And his days ended right in my presence.

Au revoir to the beast I met in marriage

His death has become a blessing, curing my illness

For worse, for death wasn’t in our vows.

Poem 3

Goodbyes, Good byes

How do you say goodbye to the one you love?

Especially the departure that catches you unawares?

How do you say goodbye to the one you loved?

Especially the one whose heart was with another?

How do you say goodbye to the one you will love?

Knowing that she will be back, not finding peace with the man she’s with?

Do you walk up to her and say “goodbye”?

Or you walk away and make it a “good bye”?



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