Laughing Melodies – Poem By Bill Ivans


Laughing Melodies…

We sang songs
Of our hearts,
Music of our souls…
We laughed at
The Joy we Beheld
In our eyes.

We ran fingers
Along each other’s skins,
Smiling unconditionally,
We stared at twinkling stars
Whilst burying our heads
In deep hugs.

We climbed ladders
Together forever –
Hand in hand. –
Holding on tight –
Leaning on each other’s shoulder.

We moved forward
In true love,
Floated atop bubbles,
Boomed blissfully –
Enjoying our muse.
…our sweet muse
Of Laughing Melodies!

Bill Ivans


Laughing Melodies
Laughing Melodies – Poem By Bill Ivans


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