If I Were…


If I played myself into music
Will I be the song you wanna put on repeat?
Close your eyes to soak in the lyrics
Nod your head one time and two?
Will I be the song that brings tears to your eyes?

And a smile on your face?
How about the beat that sends you running to the dance floor
Will I be the one to cause you to shake your body?
To make you not want to sit
If I were to whirl myself into music
Will I be that which transforms your mood and moments?
Will I be the kind that sets your spirits free?

If I waved myself into a dream
Will I be the sweet one you don’t wanna wake from?
The one in which flowers grow in the skies
And stars shine in the grass?
The one in which rain falls from the sun
And clouds swim in the ocean?
The one in which snow falls in the summer
And leaves fall in spring?
And autumn never leaves
If I were to be a dream will I be the kind that opens your eyes to see beyond your nose?
The one that keeps your hopes alive even beyond the graves

If I published myself into a book
Will I be the kind you wanna hug
caress the pages with your eyes closed?
Will I be the book you never want to finish reading
So you label the end “start again”?
Will I be the book that sleeps on your side drawer
Beneath the lamp so bright?

If you had a magic wand
If you had a magic spell
If you had a gold dust
What will you transform me into?
Your Cinderella’s night with the prince
or your Humpty Dumpty that fell to pieces?

Akuvi Aguedze



...stories of things we wish to be.

There are million thoughts usually stacked between the walls of our throats. Some we tell, while some we never do till we embrace the soil.

There are couple of wishes usually threading the path of our mind towards God. Some of which gets granted, while some do not get to see the light of the day.

Statements of “If I Were…”, “I Wish…”…sometime takes larger portions of our lips, thus folding our face, palms, and any other organ that carries our picture, into maps that either directs our bodies into cities of hope or galleries of gory pictures.

When faced with gory pictures, we are forced to naturally burn our thought into ashes, lace them with beautiful memories that never existed, then dump them into air – We try to forget them. But they still seem to hunt us day-in-day-out until we hear/read of tales which serves as soothing balms…

“If I Were…” By Akuvi Aguedze is one of these stories needed to heard in order to be free from haunting thoughts that seems not to get tired of journeying with you.

Hope you enjoyed this poem carved out from a muse that never seems to amuse… Don’t Forget To Drop Your Comments…


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